Melbourne-based interior designer Chelsea Hing established her eponymous studio in 2007,
and is now recognised as the go-to auteur of meaningful style. Branching out beyond designing beautiful homes, she has created StillLife, an exclusive range of limited edition pieces, designed in collaboration with Melbourne ceramicist Andrei Davidoff.

“I believe we should all have beautiful things in our homes that truly reflect who we are. I created StillLife as a heart felt alternative to the mass produced, to return to the more meaningful quality of unique, handmade, artisanal pieces.”

The first of the annual exclusive ranges features the work of Melbourne ceramicist
Andrei Davidoff, designed in collaboration exclusively for StillLife.
These pieces sit alongside a capsule range of styling basics designed in-house.

Each piece has been created as a functional, standalone sculptural form, but will co-ordinate easily with other pieces from the collection. All the classic design maxims of scale, proportion, silhouette, texture and finish have been carefully considered to achieve Chelsea’s signature style of relaxed glamour.

Each ceramic is hand-thrown, and each glaze individually mixed to create a finish that could
never be produced without the unique handprint of the maker.


Chelsea Hing